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Illinois voters wisen up, kick out Gov. Pat Quinn

5 Nov

Quinn-Rauner-editorial-board-met-0910The sheeple of the state of Illinois became the people of Illinois when enough of them finally woke up to the reality of bungling Governor Pat Quinn and elected Republican Bruce Rauner instead.

With clear-minded voters, this shouldn’t have been a close race. Quinn has not found a property tax hike he didn’t like, has no clue how to solve the ticking time bomb that is the state’s pension crisis, has limply watched the state’s jobless rate flounder, called for Chicago school reform but refused to help, calls for useless ban on assault weapons, and opposes parental notice on children having abortions. And all this political infertility despite the fact that he had the support of a Democratic legislature during his five year watch as Democratic governor.

Democrats love to promote themselves as caretakers of the poor, yet my parents—who are on Medicare and other government programs—were outraged at how their benefits were cut across the board by—you guessed it—those supposed advocates of the poor, the Democrats. Of course, you won’t hear about these cut in benefits to the poor in the media. But my parents made their voices heard anyway when they voted Republican in this election.

The Democrats hoped to help Quinn by boosting voter rolls when they preposterously loosened voting rules, such as no longer requiring photo IDs for early voting. It already is so easy to vote in Illinois, with no photo ID required during regular voting either. And absentee voting is even easier: the ballots are mailed to the registered voter’s house with no confirmation that the person filling out those mail-in ballots is really the same person (I know this b/c my parents voted via absentee ballot and they showed me the entire process).

And after the AP and other outlets claimed that Rauner was projected to win the election, Quinn and his cronies cried out that “every vote needs to be counted,” pompously assuming that all remaining votes had his name on them. But on Wednesday afternoon, Rauner’s lead actually increased by 5,030 votes. Yes, Pat, you were technically right in that votes were still uncounted!

During the campaign, I thought Rauner spent too much focus on linking Quinn to convicted former Governor Rod Blagojevich rather than focusing on Quinn’s fiscal ineptness. But then again, maybe it hit a nerve with the voting public. I know it hit a nerve with ABC7 political analyst Laura Washington, who was actually offended by Rauner’s claims of Democratic “corruption” and “100 years of failure” during the news station’s live broadcast of the election results.

In any event, Rauner won the endorsement of every single major newspaper in the state, something that didn’t happen the last time Quinn was up for election. In fact, Michelle Obama’s recent campaigning for Quinn probably came back to bite him rather than help him, given that President Obama’s current approval rating in Illinois—even though he is viewed as a beloved son in Chicago—is only 50%. (In fact, those Illinoisans who “strongly disapprove” of Obama is greater than those who “strongly approve”, 33%-23%.)

Rauner is a social moderate, so I’m not fond of that aspect of him. And I’ll address the subject of voting the “lesser of two evils” in a future post. But clearly, Quinn was the very bottom of the barrel and it was long past time for him to go.

Thank God now Quinn is gone. Even if he refuses to leave.

Senate shoots down gun control legislation

18 Apr

There is hope for the Senate yet.

On Wednesday, the Senate failed to approve two Democratic-led legislative proposals, one to expand the system of background checks and another to ban the manufacture and sale of certain semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines. The former failed in a 54-46 vote—six votes shy of the 60 needed to advance—and the latter failed in a 40-60 vote.

Finally some sanity has reigned, even if temporarily, in Washington D.C..

Anyone with an independent brain—or Minor Insights—knows that neither proposed measure would have prevented any of the mass shootings in recent memory, nor would they curb the murder rates in any of the metropolitan cities. Even Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter who sparked these knee-jerk legislative proposals, did not have a criminal record and thus still would have committed his heinous crime even if these brainless laws were passed.

Just two months after the Sandy Hook shooting, a group of high school African-American students in Chicago—right in Obama’s neighborhood—said the problem with violence isn’t guns; it’s gangs.

“[Gangs are] not going to give up their guns,” Brian Alexander, 16, said. “They’re not even going to listen to Obama. Some of them don’t have a father in their lives, so why would they listen to the president, a man who’s not in their lives either?”

Tyler Minor, 16, agreed that Obama’s proposals to tighten gun laws would have little, if any, effect on the illegal guns on the street.

These teens, who are living in the crosshairs of gun violence every day, are spot on. And it’s really common sense if you stop and think about it.

So why doesn’t Obama get it? Why does Obama have to lamely flank himself with victims of gun violence while denouncing the Senate for making the right decision? Why does Obama stubbornly continue to aggressively push these gun restrictions despite all the reasoning against them?

Because Obama’s proposals aren’t really to curb gun violence; they’re to put a socialist hole in the U.S. Constitution.

“Whoa! Socialism?” you might be asking yourself. “That’s just a right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Actually, no. A shocking documentary called “Agenda: Grinding America Down” reveals how Obama has had numerous connections, relationships and mentorships with socialist and even communist (yes, communist) people.

This explains why Obama refuses to admit the airtight logic in arguments against his gun control proposals, like this one given by a 15-year-old girl.

In any event, a major piece of President Obama’s second-term agenda has been rejected and defeated—particularly impressive since it had to stop the gun-control momentum created by the Sandy Hook crisis. Common sense advocates have done well to push their Senators to listen to logic.

Thank the Senators who were brave enough to stand for reason. And celebrate a moment of sanity in the Senate.