About this blog

Hey, what is this Minor Insights blog anyway?

Is this a site professing to offer profound, life-changing viewpoints that will bring about world peace, cure cancer and end global hunger?

Um, no. That would be Major Insights. Or Monumental Insights.

No, this site is just my humble collection of minor thoughts. That’s why the light bulb icon in my header image is small. I don’t stake a claim on being smarter or better than anyone else.

But as I get older, I collect more of these minor thoughts and I wanted a place to store it all because, really, my brain just isn’t big enough to remember more than a handful of things. These thoughts are minor insights for me personally. To you, they may just be minor ramblings. And truthfully, sometimes these thoughts are minor ramblings to me too!

It is God who gives wisdom and insight. Somehow, though, He must have forgotten me when He was distributing them because I lack much wisdom and insight. But I still seek them (wisdom and insight); after all, the wisdom of this age will pass away (1 Cor 2:6) and is folly (1 Cor 3:19) but Christ is the power and wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:24, 30).

Perhaps you’d like to join me on my journey in seeking true insight and wisdom, in discovering Christ in more of our lives. And perhaps you have wisdom and insight to share with me. Either way, it is a search worth undertaking…something Google can never provide. I know I’m looking forward to it…and I hope you will too.


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