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Senate shoots down gun control legislation

18 Apr

There is hope for the Senate yet.

On Wednesday, the Senate failed to approve two Democratic-led legislative proposals, one to expand the system of background checks and another to ban the manufacture and sale of certain semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines. The former failed in a 54-46 vote—six votes shy of the 60 needed to advance—and the latter failed in a 40-60 vote.

Finally some sanity has reigned, even if temporarily, in Washington D.C..

Anyone with an independent brain—or Minor Insights—knows that neither proposed measure would have prevented any of the mass shootings in recent memory, nor would they curb the murder rates in any of the metropolitan cities. Even Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter who sparked these knee-jerk legislative proposals, did not have a criminal record and thus still would have committed his heinous crime even if these brainless laws were passed.

Just two months after the Sandy Hook shooting, a group of high school African-American students in Chicago—right in Obama’s neighborhood—said the problem with violence isn’t guns; it’s gangs.

“[Gangs are] not going to give up their guns,” Brian Alexander, 16, said. “They’re not even going to listen to Obama. Some of them don’t have a father in their lives, so why would they listen to the president, a man who’s not in their lives either?”

Tyler Minor, 16, agreed that Obama’s proposals to tighten gun laws would have little, if any, effect on the illegal guns on the street.

These teens, who are living in the crosshairs of gun violence every day, are spot on. And it’s really common sense if you stop and think about it.

So why doesn’t Obama get it? Why does Obama have to lamely flank himself with victims of gun violence while denouncing the Senate for making the right decision? Why does Obama stubbornly continue to aggressively push these gun restrictions despite all the reasoning against them?

Because Obama’s proposals aren’t really to curb gun violence; they’re to put a socialist hole in the U.S. Constitution.

“Whoa! Socialism?” you might be asking yourself. “That’s just a right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Actually, no. A shocking documentary called “Agenda: Grinding America Down” reveals how Obama has had numerous connections, relationships and mentorships with socialist and even communist (yes, communist) people.

This explains why Obama refuses to admit the airtight logic in arguments against his gun control proposals, like this one given by a 15-year-old girl.

In any event, a major piece of President Obama’s second-term agenda has been rejected and defeated—particularly impressive since it had to stop the gun-control momentum created by the Sandy Hook crisis. Common sense advocates have done well to push their Senators to listen to logic.

Thank the Senators who were brave enough to stand for reason. And celebrate a moment of sanity in the Senate.