Illinois lawmakers seek to grant driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

26 Nov

Tomorrow, Illinois lawmakers convene for their post-election lame-duck session.

The Illinois State Assembly is entirely in the hands of the Democrats, much like the United States was when Obama won the 2008 election.

The governor is a liberal Democrat. The state senators are Democrat-controlled, as are the state representatives.

When Obama took office in 2009 with a Democrat-controlled House and Democrat-controlled House, he made his agenda social-oriented rather than economic-oriented, such as repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and enacting Obamacare.

Now after the 2012 elections, the state of Illinois appears to be following Obama’s footprints. That is, many items are on the state agenda, some of which are economic-oriented (such as dealing with the burgeoning pension debt) while others are social-oriented (such as gay marriage)—and so far, it appears that the social policy bills are taking priority over economic policy bills.

One particularly loony social issue that is on the Illinois state agenda is revisiting the twice-failed idea of allowing illegal immigrants to receive driver’s licenses.

What part of “illegal” in “illegal immigrants” do these liberal lawmakers not understand?

Why would lawmakers want to grant any kind of legal status to people who are by definition in the country illegally?

In their own words, these lawmakers say they want money. “Economic growth,” explained Governor Pat Quinn.

That is, Democrats are happily willing to prostitute themselves—and the people of Illinois—for money.

Currently, immigrants without a Social Security number cannot obtain a driver’s license. And of course, illegal immigrants do not have Social Security numbers.

The Democrats’ idea is, according to a press conference and statement by Quinn and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, to fast-track a bill that could give licenses to as many as 250,000 people who are driving but haven’t passed a driving test or, in many cases, have no insurance.

Naturally, these liberals will try to deceptively market this idea as something else. “This is a safety issue,” Quinn initially explained before admitting the money factor.

Liberals also argue that immigrants who can drive legally are more likely to work and otherwise contribute to the economy.

Newsflash: illegal immigrants already work. Heck, some of these same politicians probably hire them for themselves. But illegal immigrants who work do NOT add to the economy because they are simply taking the place of legally qualified workers.

It’s also uncertain whether this move would indeed make roads safer. From a practical standpoint, many illegal immigrants already drive very carefully because they know that causing an accident is the easiest way to be detected and subsequently deported.

But furthermore, passing a driver’s test clearly doesn’t mean drivers are safe drivers. If that were true, there should not be ANY accidents since the vast majority of drivers are people who have passed that highfalutin driver’s test.

Apparently, these liberals don’t know that there’s a big difference between knowing the rules of the road and being a safe driver.

And these liberal lawmakers are truly naive to think that illegal immigrants would also be willing to happily fork over thousands of dollars to pay for car insurance when they are barely scraping up enough money with their low, under-the-table wages.

But despite all the missing logic, this bill has the support of all the biggest liberal names in Illinois politics: Quinn, Cullerton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and House Speaker Michael Madigan.

And despite the state’s much more pressing need to cure its fiscal woes, this absurd social policy bill is getting fast-track treatment.


Because this is how the Democrats tap into the growing Latino vote: by selling their principles for votes. It’s ok to circumvent immigration laws if it can get you re-elected.

As Crain’s Chicago Business blogger Greg Hinz wrote:

Democrats like Messrs. Quinn, Cullerton, Emanuel and Madigan — and President Barack Obama — owe Latino voters a ton after the recent election. It’s payback time — and that’s how politics works.

Principled voters should be outraged. If you live in Illinois, write your own state senator and representative and tell them to vote down this ludicrous bill.

2 Responses to “Illinois lawmakers seek to grant driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants”

  1. areyoustillalive November 26, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    This issue is a pet peeve of mine. All the ideas that sound good until you dig a little deeper. This one you only have to scratch the surface to find fault. A guy enters the USA illegally , then decides he needs a car to get around. So he gets a car , drives it without a valid license and without insurance. So the theory goes if we give them a drivers license all will be better. But why would anyone believe that? This is a guy in this country illegally, working for cash, driving a car that is uninsured and doesn’t have a drivers license. The car is registered to God only knows. Exactly how many laws does this guy have to break before someone starts to think that he just isn’t worth having here? And what makes anyone think he will pay for insurance beyond the point of getting an ID card. Does he get the same drivers license as everyone , or does it say, illegally here for driving purposes only? Can he also vote using his new picture ID? Just to prove a point. This is what happens to an American who drives without a drivers license in Illinois.

    In Illinois, driving without a valid license is a Class B misdemeanor offense. The potential penalties for this offense include up to 180 days in jail, and a maximum fine of $1500. Driving without a valid license is punished as severely as other crimes like possession of cannabis, criminal trespass, etc.
    A ticket for driving without a valid license will cause the Secretary of State to suspend or even revoke your privilege of driving within the state. This means that if you are convicted of driving without a license, the Secretary of State will suspend your privileges.
    These are the penalties for driving without a valid license which are imposed by the Secretary of State:

    First conviction. Two-month suspension.
    Second conviction. Four-month suspension.
    Third conviction. Six-month suspension.
    Fourth conviction. One year suspension.
    Fifth or subsequent conviction. License revoked.

    But if you’re here ILLEGALLY, You get to have a Drivers license issued to you. As an ILLEGAL, you get one for safety issues. As an American you don’t get to have one for safety issues.

  2. Gerd Friebourg December 15, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    Why, heck, we should have voter ID, and it should be by a national DNA database that shows us just how sicklecelled or schizoparanoid you really are, just so Obamacare can treat you.

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