2012 Presidential Election Debate Part Two: Obama’s pension ‘zinger’ backfires

17 Oct

During one point in the second presidential debate of this dead-even 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney addressed the issue of personal financial investments in foreign companies. In doing so, Romney asked President Obama, “Mr. President, have you looked at your pension?”

After ignoring the repeated question, Obama finally retorted, “I don’t look at my pension. It’s not as big as yours.” The comment drew some chuckles from the crowd.

However, Obama’s reply unwittingly gave a strong endorsement of Romney’s presidential credentials.

Oops, babe.

You see, throughout the second debate, Romney referred to Obama’s record of failure during Obama’s four years as president. In doing so, Romney contrasted that with his own accomplishments as both businessman and governor. And Obama has characterized Romney as part of the 1%.

But that’s exactly the point: Romney’s success as a businessman has indeed made him rich. That is the American dream: to be successful and prosperous. That is even the American dream that Obama himself described in the last half hour of the second debate when he mentioned immigrants who became successful and prosperous creating Intel and Google.

Nevertheless, here is Obama speaking out of two sides of his mouth: hate Romney for being rich and successful; love Sergey Brin for being rich and successful.

Um, what?

Romney’s “bigger” pension is to be admired, not mocked, Mr. President. By admitting Romney’s pension is bigger, Obama is also admitting that Romney’s business acumen has been proven.

A track record of success.

Something Obama does not have.

3 Responses to “2012 Presidential Election Debate Part Two: Obama’s pension ‘zinger’ backfires”

  1. Invisible Mikey October 17, 2012 at 12:53 am #

    Your argument against Obama is valid, however you are misusing the term “zinger”. A zinger is a pre-practiced joke or catchphrase a debater has ready in case a key word or topic is brought up. What Obama did was give a genuinely witty response. It wasn’t something he had ready “just in case”. Whether it was a correct or effective response one can have an opinion about. I thought in the moment it worked rather well, even though I agree with you that Romney’s financial success IS something to admire.

    • colickyboy October 17, 2012 at 8:47 am #

      Hi Mikey,

      Thanks for reading and for the comment. Just for the record, it looks like a zinger is defined as “a quick, witty, or pointed remark or retort“, regardless of whether it is pre-practiced or not.

      I personally did not find the president’s reply to be a zinger but an accidental self-indictment…which is why I used the word ‘zinger’ in quotes.

  2. Mildred October 17, 2012 at 9:23 am #

    Yes, I agree with you. As a Christian, I don’t I don’t aspire to be rich (at least not in worldly possessions), but there are concrete measurables to show one’s success. Romney has shown measurable success a few times…his success with his personal business affairs, his success with Massachusetts in balancing their budget, and then his success with the Olympics in getting them out of bankruptcy are a few that I can think of. Obama can’t point to anything. If I hired a plumber to fix my leaky toilet and he didn’t do the job, you bet I’d be looking for someone else….I don’t care if the original plumber has the same skin color as me or is an immigrant like me…or even if he’s has the same beliefs as me…he didn’t do the job. Not sure why so many Americans make this Presidential decision so complicated. Obama couldn’t do the job, regardless of who created the mess.

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